Microsoft offers HoloLens to people in the US and Canada

August 3, 2016 6:24 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

Anyone who has $5000 to spare can now purchase the HoloLens development kit and join the community of developers engaged in creating apps for the augmented reality headset. It was initially available to companies and developers through sales representatives of Microsoft. HoloLens can now be purchased by anyone in the US or Canada through the Microsoft’s online store. Microsoft has not yet divulged any news of selling the same in any other country.

HoloLens can easily superimpose three-dimensional images into the real world. They can be conveniently redesigned according to the user’s perspective to resemble objects in real space. The HoloLens now on sale is not meant for consumers as it is not yet a finished product.Microsoft is asking the buyers not to resell the products and refunds are also not available. The units are being sold at a market price of $5000.Microsoft envisages on opening up the HoloLens platform to allow other device manufacturers to develop their own version of the product.


Date of Publications: August 2, 2016