Intel Acquires Nervana for Deep Learning

August 10, 2016 7:18 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

Intel has recently procured a deep-learning startup, Nervana Systems to capture the market share in the area of artificial intelligence. Nervana systems were founded in the year 2014 and are based in California. The company helps to solve machine-learning problems by providing a platform for deep learning.

Uncovering patterns from a large amount of data and also recognition of images are the key features of Nervana cloud service which the other organizations can use to build applications. Nervana has also developed a specialty processor for Intel known as ASIC that is customarily used for deep learning.

Diane Bryant, head of Intel’s Data Center Group, recently said in a blog post that “We will apply Nervana’s software expertise to further optimize the Intel Math Kernel Library and its integration into industry-standard frameworks”. He also added, “Nervana’s expertise will advance Intel’s AI portfolio and enhance the deep-learning performance and TCO of our Intel Xeon and Intel Xeon Phi processors.”

This acquisition of Nervana by Intel clearly shows their interest in the field of AI portfolio which is now the most popular targets recently.


Date of Publication: Aug 9, 2016