Intel acquired Movidius to introduce Computer Vision into Drones

September 7, 2016 7:06 pm | Updated 4 years ago.

Until now, Intel’s computer vision platform, RealSense was incomplete in identifying the true results what its depth-sensing cameras are seeing. The acquisition of Movidius, which designs different system-on-chip products for accelerating computer vision processing, will help Intel to fill the gap.

Movidius supplies chips to major drone makers companies such as DJI and thermal imaging company such as FLIR Systems. Movidius through their designed chips breaks down the processing system into batches of smaller tasks so that they can be executed parallelly which further helps computers to find out what they are actually visualizing through their in-built cameras like Intel’s RealSense. Movidius with its Myriad 2 vision processing units is targeting to build a low power hungry system whereas other similar system consumes tens of watts for drones and other IoT devices.

Josh Walden, Senior VP and GM of Intel’s New Technology Group has said in a company’s blog post that he sees the potential for Movidius to help create systems specially for drones, and also for augmented, virtual and merged reality devices, security cameras and robots.

“It’s not just about the chips”, Josh said. “Intel is also buying algorithms developed by Movidius for deep learning, depth processing, navigation and mapping, and natural interactions.”



Date of Publication: Sep 6, 2016