Google acquires Eyefluence

October 26, 2016 6:10 pm | Updated 4 years ago.

Google acquired Eyefluence, an eye tracking interface startups. Eyefluence envisages on changing the functioning of VR and HR headsets. Eye tracking and eye scanning methodology are used to control instead of a control pad. This methodology will assist the user to do online shopping, net – surfing with the movement of the iris. Google will leverage Eyefluence’s advance technology to enhance human potential on a broader and larger scale.

Google’s acquisition of Eyefluence is in line with its inherent interest in virtual reality. Google will be launching the Daydream View, its virtual reality headset in November. Acquisition of Eyefluence will give Google an edge over its competitors in this field. This piece of news was announced by Eyefluence in their blog where it thanked its partners and investors for helping the company reach new heights. However, no details of the deal were mentioned. The company which was started in 2013 has been able to develop advanced eye- interaction technology that has helped them to become market leaders.