Free Online Tool to Measure Third-Party Cyber Risk

January 18, 2017 2:05 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

CyberGRX, a company based in Denver, Colorado and the provider of one of the most extensive TPCRM (Third-Party Cyber Risk Management) platform announced the launching of a free online tool that will allow companies to measure the third-party cyber risk against their partners. The online tool empowers organizations to get knowledge of the safety and security of their TPCRM programs better and further provides them with suggestions on how to take immediate action towards them.

In respect to analyze, assess, mitigate and further monitor the third-party cyber risk, companies can take a quick five-minute, 11 question quiz and get to know where they stand against other companies by simply using the Third-Party Cyber Risk Management Maturity Grader tool.

Fred Kneip, CEO, CyberGRX said, “At a minimum, organizations must be able to: identify the inherent risks across their third-party portfolio; assess security controls and understand gaps from a third-party cyber risk perspective; mitigate those gaps; and monitor for attacks that could exploit weak controls that have not been remediated. The tool we’re unveiling today provides organizations an understanding of where their TPCRM programs fall along the maturity curve and is a first step for organizations that want to build a program to truly manage their cyber risk.”


Date of Publication: January 17, 2017