Exilant’s FusionTM Robotic Information Process To Power Genpact’s Solutions and Services

March 30, 2016 2:32 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

D2E Partner Exilant’s Fusion robotic process automation (RPA) platform will be integrated into Genpact’s solutions and services for clients particularly in the hospitality, retail, life sciences, and manufacturing industries.

RPA enables rabid automation of the business process and provides considerable value for outsourced processes. The Genpact-Exilant partnership, which began four years ago, has generated measurable business results to date for a number of clients including enhanced productivity, accuracy, and compliance. This additional partnership will combine process design and technology into an accelerator package to compress time to results.

Genpact has been at the forefront of providing RA offerings to its clients, and Fusion will be a significant addition to the RA portfolio.

Fusion has generated business impact for several clients including management of reconciliation account payables, payment journal creation etc., manage variability of demand and provide detailed audit trails. Exilant is one of the pioneers in the RPA domain and the partnership with Genpact will upscale the innovation.