D2E Consulting announces the launch of Roundtable

June 22, 2016 7:35 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

An Enterprise Social Media platform for Offshore Outsourcing

The world of outsourcing is undergoing a sea change. While customers are as always, on the lookout to reduce expenses, in today’s digital age driven by disruptive innovation, outsourcing is more than slashing costs. Companies are collaborating and creating synergies, rather than just getting the job done. Outsourced vendors are, on the contrary, creating value for their customer, beyond offshore delivery.

While digital age enables a closer fitment to every company’s outsourcing needs, there is an equivalent thrust for a platform that serves a common platform for collaborating and driving innovative products and services. The D2E Roundtable is one such platform.

On the D2E Roundtable, which is currently one of its kinds in the world of offshore outsourcing, companies can post requirements, and get specific interests from vendors looking to cater to them. It is also a closer fitment than traditional means also because vendors reaching out are also able to choose among a multitude of opportunities that the platform provides. Thus, a mutual relationship is achieved.

To achieve outsourcing goals, the D2E Roundtable also offers a plethora of features that foster social interactions at a B2B level. The Roundtable works more like an Enterprise Social Media platform where C-level executives can seamlessly harness opportunities for business growth through outsourcing by simple social functionalities like chat, friends, groups, etc. In essence, a B2C centric media repackaged for the enterprise customer. Why not? Doesn’t business thrives on relationships as well, much like consumer behavior?