Apple’s Latest Security Updates for Safari Browser

March 29, 2017 4:18 pm | Updated 4 years ago.

Apple recently came up with their latest security update iOS 10.3 where they have patched a bug in the previous iOS version of Safari browser that had been used by spammers to cheat users into paying $125 or more.

It is said that the bug forced the Safari browser to display JavaScript pop-ups and the browser goes into an endless loop of dialogs and subsequently becomes unusable. A false message was also coming demanding payment of £100 ($125) iTunes gift card to unlock their browser.

Andrew Blaich, a researcher from San Francisco-based mobile security firm Lookout said, “This was a scareware attack, where [the attackers] were trying to get people to not think and just pay”.

In the latest iOS 10.3 update, Apple has re-programmed the Safari so that the browser opens JavaScript pop-ups on a per-tab basis. iOS 10.3 has also patched 84 other security vulnerabilities.


Date of Publication: MAR 28, 2017