ANAO to Outsource

March 1, 2017 6:51 pm | Updated 4 years ago.

The audit office of Australia, ANAO (The Australian National Audit Office) is envisaging on outsourcing its IT functions. The outsourcing firm will be outsourced to bidders depending on the work that they can excel in. The main reason behind this kind of outsourcing is to exchange knowledge and improve the overall functioning and efficiency of the government body.

As technology becomes the lifeline of organizations and also in public services ANAO plans to upgrade itself. The Australian Audit Office believes that it needs to keep pace with the changing times and not all the presently running systems are adaptable to the needs of the stakeholders and employees. The ANAO is outsourcing some work of the IT department to develop and learn in the entire process. This outsourcing envisages on leveraging technological advancement towards augmenting the performance of the entire department.