Fastest Growing Companies in Florida – Construction Industry

September 14, 2016 6:42 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

The southeastern most state of the United States of America, Florida, is surrounded by The Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. Also nicknamed as the sunny state, Florida over the years has become the first choice for more and more entrepreneurs who look forward to settling here. Florida has an edge over other states because of its inherent assets.

Florida’s assets that make it one of the prime destination for entrepreneurs can be listed as :-

– A conducive climate for businesses that encourages innovation and success
– Unparallel market opportunity
– A plethora of highly skilled workforce
– Easy access to both domestic and international market
– Infrastructural facility and
– The quality of life.

Organizations looking forward make headway towards Florida as the state offers everything that they want. This pro-business climate is a big help for entrepreneurs.

The Construction Industry in Florida

According to a report on the overall construction business in Florida in 2016 prepared by Dodge Data & Analytics, claims that there will be an all round growth of 6% with the monetary value of construction reaching up to an estimated $712 billion. The construction industry will see a turn around as the demand for prefabricated –offsite construction method will become popular. There is also an increasing desire to manufacture environmentally friendly structures.

The top few construction companies are:-

Baker Klein Engineering

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1. Baker Klein Engineering- Also popularly known as BKE, it specializes in environmentally friendly structures. They encourage their client to go for “green buildings “and also helps them to select materials and products that are environmental friendly. BKE proudly proclaims that their entire fleets of project managers are recognized as Construction Quality Control Managers by the United States Army Corps of Engineers and have ECATTS training provided by the United States Navy.



Carlton Construction Inc

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 2. Carlton Construction Inc- This organization was set up in 2005 and is committed to     quality and satisfaction of its customers. Carlton Construction is the choice of designers           and      architects operating in the Jacksonville area in North Florida.




Coastal Construction Group

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3. Coastal Construction Group- For this construction group building runs in their blood stream. The company was originally started by Tom Murphy, an immigrant worker, in 1988.With a client based spread across the length and breadth of the country, Coastal mainly focuses on nine primary markets : Commercial, Hospitality, Residential, Mixed-Use, Education, Interiors, Worship, Historic Restoration & Disaster Recovery.


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4. ConTech Construction LLC- This organization is different as it is a Woman Owned Enterprise led by Joan Haughey. Their motto is collaboration Performance-and every member of the team lives by it. They have been doing business for the past twenty –two years with a focus on building relationships. Their attitude to serve clients in the best possible way has made them pioneers in the construction business.

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5. DC Construction Associates – Based in South Florida, DC Construction Associates is a full-service contractor. Apart from providing pre-construction consulting, they also support value-engineering services and general construction. They have been providing steady service for more than a decade.


Some of the other prominent construction companies are:-

Gulf Building LLC, HGR Construction Inc, Highland Homes, Hunton Brady Architects, J. Raymond Construction Inc, Kast Construction Co. LLC, Kaufman Lynn Construction, Lynx Construction Management, Matcon Construction Services Inc, Park Square Enterprises, Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contractor Inc, RLF – Architecture | Engineering |Interiors, Wantman Group.

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