Changing strategies in IT Offshore Outsourcing deals in USA

February 22, 2017 2:00 pm | Updated 4 years ago.

The newly elected President Trump and his team states that North America has lost a lot of jobs to offshore outsourcing in the recent past. Thus Trump administration is in the process of imposing tariffs on imports and bringing forth various other trade practices to restrict this process. However, going with present scenario the process of offshore outsourcing by American companies simply to cut cost is no longer a valid argument.

D2e believes that in these changing times, all decisions to offshore outsource by American companies should be based on the availability of resources or a talent pool and not reap the benefits of labor cost arbitrage. The steps that need to be undertaken by IT offshore outsourcing companies in the USA, is to create and develop local delivery centers with local hires. These companies can also create onsite and offshore development services through cost effective, on –demand service delivery model.

Local delivery centers by offshore IT outsourcing companies will also enhance:-

  • Ability to take the work to the people.
  • Ability to engage resources in multiple shifts that can support round-the-clock workdays.
  • Faster time to market.

It also becomes absolutely essential for companies to develop and build local research and development units in the USA. TCS Americas, which believes in collaborative relationships with clients created the first high-tech RFID Lab in Chicago in 2002 under the then President of TCS America, Mr. Arup Gupta. He was also behind setting up of a local delivery centre in Buffalo, New York in 2004 where Hillary Clinton spend a considerable amount of time to know about the intricacies of the functioning of the delivery centre. Apart from setting up of R&D centres and Local Delivery Centres in the USA, Mr.Gupta also played an active role in sponsoring R&D Projects in various premier educational institutes like Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania.

Mr. Arup Gupta, presently the Chairman of D2e –an Offshore Outsourcing aggregator, created the first high-Tech R&D Centre on RFID technologies by an offshore vendor in 2002 under his leadership as the President of TCS America.

Mr. Arup Gupta is the first person to spearhead this concept of the local delivery center way back in the 80’s and guided the creation of a first-ever technology Centre for Excellence in the 1990’s.The IT Offshore Outsourcing concept evolved under his intelligent leadership. After more than two decades in TCS America followed by a little over a 6-year stint in mid-tier companies like Polaris and Birlasoft, Arup has continuously exhibited the process to fine tune management, governance and operational framework for enhancing the performance of IT companies.As the COO and President of Polaris Software Lab, Arup focused on consulting, products and IT offshore outsourcing to give a much-needed thrust towards excellence. His efforts saw the company profits touching the Rs 100 crore marks. In India, Arup pioneered the development and setting up of the development center in SEEPZ, comprising of organizations like GE and Oracle Corp.

As the Chairman and Founder of D2e, Arup Gupta, presently guides and provides deep insights in the field of IT Offshore Outsourcing. D2e provides a one stop solution to all IT Offshore Outsourcing requirements with the help of its client service partners like Affinity Inc which is based in the USA.