Anticipated Trends in Offshore Outsourcing in 2017

January 11, 2017 5:48 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

The offshore outsourcing sector went through major upheavals in the previous year as the market saw changes happening with organizations shifting to the clouds, security becoming a prime concern, Brexit, and the new US President-elect who envisages on changing trade policies. The million dollar question is what 2017 promises the offshore outsourcing market.

D2e Consulting, the IT Offshore Outsourcing Aggregator predicts that 2017 will bring forth new methodologies of offshore outsourcing coming into the foray. RBA (Robotic Process Automation), cloud computing will take center stage and the existing models of business process outsourcing solely on the basis of low cost, labor arbitrage will go away and become history.

Our Offshore outsourcing experts believe that this New Year will bring forth the following trends globally. They are:-

  1. Insecurity due to policy changes

    – This year the offshore outsourcing industry is under doldrums as to what policy changes will be brought about by the new government in the USA. Globally, Brexit is continuously giving jitters to the industries associated with Offshore outsourcing to organizations in the UK and Europe. The US is not far behind with the President-elect Donald Trump’s constant attack on offshore outsourcing. It is expected that the new government in the US will bring in policy changes related to taxation, visas, immigration, trade agreements that will have a strong influence on companies associated with offshore outsourcing.

D2E’s feels and believes that the offshore outsourcing vendors will need to align their strategies to changing customer preferences. The basic premise for this analysis is that more and more clients adopt cloud-based solutions; the offshore outsourcing will majorly shift to functions like maintenance and enhancements of legacy applications and old versions of products, infrastructure management, business process outsourcing and integration services.

  1. IP Protection and Data Security

    – Globally countries are framing policies to enhance security related to data. China has released a set of guidelines towards the end of 2016, for better protection of Intellectual Property Rights. Enterprises are also concerned with advanced security automation, threat intelligence and security analytics solutions to do away with risk. Offshore outsourcing vendors can play an expert role in helping and assisting companies to avert security based issues.

  2. RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

    – The traditional offshore outsourcing structures will undergo a rapid change and will be taken over by RPA. Automation will lower cost and will change the way offshore outsourcing deals are done.

  3. Call Centers will give way to new format

    – Call Centers will give place to virtual agents and intelligent assistants. Automated service centers will require less infrastructural expenditure and will cut down on cost at the end. Offshore outsourcing will have to change and mature with time.

  4. Cloud providers to mature

    – As more and more clients move to cloud computing, clients globally are becoming more experience and savvy and are demanding more from cloud computing. Clients will like to enhance the services that they get from cloud computing. Offshore outsourcing vendors can help project cloud as the new platform for all their external and internal initiatives.

 D2e Consulting and its partners GAVS Tech (Infrastructure Management), Polaris (Banking Industry), Sonata (Retail Industry and Enterprise Mobility), TCG Digital (Analytics, Aviation Industry) etc are changing strategies to align themselves with the new trends in offshore outsourcing.