Aggregator Platform and Trump’ Outsourcing Policies

November 16, 2016 7:53 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

D2E’ Offshore Aggregator Platform complies with Offshore Outsourcing policies of Trump Administration

As we carefully analyze the statements made by President-Elect Donald Trump relating to offshore outsourcing, we believe the Trump administration may be implementing the following policies sometimes very soon.

  • Curbing immigration and protecting American jobs. This will result in the limit on the number of H1B visas not increasing for the next few years, increased scrutiny for the issue of non-immigrant visa and raising the H1B minimum salary to possibly $ 100,000 per year from the present level of $ 60,000 per year.
  • 35% additional Tax burden on the American companies if they fire their workers to move production to another country which in turn ships the finished product back to the US
  • Make-it-in-the-USA

The American companies are, therefore, likely to use more and more solutions available on the cloud and outsource to the extent possible, to American companies or to the offshore companies employing American workers, and outsource only the remaining work that truly adds value to their business to the offshore vendors.

D2E Consulting’ Offshore Outsourcing Aggregator Platform, announced in the beginning of 2016, has been designed precisely to adhere to these policies that may soon be put into effect by the Trump administration.

D2E’ Aggregator platform has three basic entities:

  1. US Based Partner (E.G. Affinity Inc. Based in Milwaukee ). The US-based partners of D2E are high-end program management companies that have deep customer relationships and have over the years developed a disciplined approach to understanding the unique challenges and goals of each individual client and have a track record of delivering measurable and consistent results.

The US Based Partners of D2E’ Aggregator Platform evaluate each outsourcing opportunity of the American companies taking into account the relative risk and criticality and only the work that has low risk, velocity, criticality and volatility are sent offshore. The remaining work with High Optimize Cost/Value balance is performed within the USA. The US Based partners of D2E’ Aggregator Platform act as the single point of contact for the American companies and will continue to ensure strict compliance with the Trump Administration’ policies relating to outsourcing of work to offshore vendors.

  1. A network of Offshore Specialty Partners: These are carefully chosen offshore services/solutions providers that have specialty solutions or services in specific domain or technology, including cloud-based solutions for many of the needs of the American companies, that can provide true value-added services and/or solution to the American companies. D2E also maintains a strong relationship at CXO level in each of these Offshore Partner companies to ensure successful delivery meeting the expectations of the American companies.
  1. Offshore Program Management: The third and final component of D2E’ Offshore Outsourcing Services Aggregator Platform is program management of the work that is sent offshore to ensure that the work delivered to the American Companies meets the quality standards and also the expectations of the US-based partner and also the end customer.  The highly experienced Directors of D2E Consulting with decades of experience in managing offshore engagements perform this task.

D2E Consulting will keep a close watch on the offshore outsourcing policies rolled out by the Trump administration and will make necessary adjustments to its Aggregator platform to ensure full compliance.