Adoption of SDE will revamp the offshore outsourcing process

August 31, 2016 5:24 pm | Updated 5 years ago.

The adoption of software for the entire IT infrastructure will benefit some and might also entail hard work for others in the offshore outsourcing business.
SDE (Software defined everything) will bring along with it automation in every field and in turn reduce the need for physical labor. This, in turn, will lead to a fall in some offshore outsourcing deals which are purely based on lower offshore labor cost. The other side of the coin is not so bleak.SDE, on the other hand, will help in the generating buying and selling of services from cloud providers and also from people involved in the creation of cloud-based work processes.
The question now arises is what step should a conventional Offshore Outsourcing organization take to sustain in these ever changing times?
The answer to the above question is that organizations need to become more flexible and adopt software-defined environments. They also need to hire people with cross-functional skill sets to manage these new processes.

The effect of ‘Software-defined everything’:-

1. Software defined everything (SDE) involves developing software that can automatically manage servers, network, storage, and security. This will assist in the reduction of the overall IT operation cost along with augmentation of both performance and security. SDE automates a lot of work which was previously done by individuals. Many Offshore Outsourcers are gradually reinventing their offerings and are zeroing in on key areas like cloud migration, enhancement in service, and integration. They are also focusing on providing services tailor made for their clients’ verticals. This procedure also helps in bringing additional efficiency and agility in the outsourcing process.

2. A contract needs to be designed highlighting the services provided by the outsourcers and not on the basis of a number of employees employed. The quality of the service should also be a key focus area in the contract.

3. Software defined everything (SDE) will provide clients a facility to store their important and sensitive data with themselves. These on- premise storage facility draws a huge gain as more enterprises are adopting it. According to the COO of Zardara Storage, Noam Shender, presently more customers are paying for storage-as-a-service, like some law enforcement bodies store sensitive data by paying for the service rather than recruiting some staff.

4. Applications that are highly virtualized, dynamic and can be changed easily are the winners in SDE.

5. Security and Management are the two important factors which necessitate a proper coordination and collaboration between a client and the offshore service provider. Customers will have to mention clearly the functions and responsibility of the offshore outsourcer, as sensitive data needs to be well protected.

A Software defined everything(SDE) environment also makes it mandatory for the development of new tools, development of private and hybrid cloud among other things. A proper infrastructure consisting of correct inventories is an essential factor for SDE. Enterprises need to be flexible to the changes taking place globally or else fresh IT players will take over.

Challenging conventional wisdom with a high level of maturity is the need of the hour for an offshore outsourcer. This might sound routine and clichéd but if a customer feels that he is not getting the right kind of service he might move away to another vendor. The correct process needs to be identified and changes incorporated for an offshore outsourcer to be a winner in an SDE environment. The CIO of US General Services Administration (GSA) had developed its own software based business service platform that is presently being used by about more than fifty software developers.SDE supports provides supervision over the cost, security and implementation of the application.