About Us

“D2E is an offshore outsourcing aggregator platform that manages your entire offshore outsourcing engagement – from planning through delivery"

  • Who We Are

    D2E is an Offshore Outsourcing ecosystem for IT services. It is managed by industry veterans who have set up some of the largest Offshore Development Centers in the world including the likes of GE and several prominent Wall Street institutions. We are based out of our offices in United States and India.

  • With Whom We Do

    D2E ecosystem comprise of partners who are specialist in their domains. Client interface and strategy is managed by our client service partners Affinity in the United States and Sword in Europe. Projects are implemented by specialist IT partner firms based in India. D2E ensures that the ecosystem continuously adds value for the client.

  • What We Do

    We provide a single window for all your IT Offshore Outsourcing requirements. We bring to you the best in class professionals and partners in turnkey software application development and maintenance, managed services, software quality assurance testing and software consulting.

  • Where We Do

    We focus on the IT Offshore Outsourcing requirements of clients across all of the United States and Northern Europe.

  • Why We Do

    We believe that Offshore Outsourcing is a win-win proposition. Research indicates that on an aggregate Offshore Outsourcing tends to increase productivity and reduce costs and prompt firms to expand domestic hiring. The net welfare of the world rises. We play out small bits in ensuring that the Offshore Outsourcing is done right.



Low Risk and High Business Impact Offshore Outsourcing Ecosystem - A One Stop simple to use turnkey model to Offshore Outsourcing IT and Business Processes that will reduce risk by 25 - 30% and increase the business impact by 40 - 50%.